Better Exposure. least in my photos. 

Several years ago (in what seems like another lifetime) I used to love working on cars. I didn't ever own anything fast, that's for sure, but I did take pride in making the most of what I had. I drove to the limit (and/or past that limit) to make the most of what I owned; and I will still contest that driving a 100hp car flat-out is infinitely more fun than babying a 300hp car so that I don't kill myself. Beyond playing mechanic and wanna-be racecar driver, I loved taking pictures of cars - especially at night. That still mostly holds true today, but my equipment and my operating styles have matured quite a bit as I've grown up. Gone are the days of screaming down highway exchanges in 3rd gear at wide-open throttle, and with them went the days of hauling around my Powershot A630 (point-n-shoot) and a tripod so that I could get clear pictures at any suitable spot I might see along the road... Actually,as it happens, I dropped that camera - and myself - into the vile sewer-waters of the River Des Peres a few years ago and neither of us has really ever been the same since (go figure).

All of that is a very muddled way of introducing my point, which is: somewhere along the way, I got lazy. I bought cars with more power, softer suspensions, and more creature comforts,  and I bought cameras with more megapixels, sharper lenses, more features. As far as the car goes - teaching myself to slow down is probably better for everyone. But sacrificing thoughtful user-input for better equipment doesn't cut it for photography. 

This past weekend I make the conscious effort of fixing that oversight. I would go out and take the most labor intensive photos that I could (at least without using a film camera)... long exposure night shots. Ultimately, I think it was a success, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

First set is steel wool spinning. Basically, you put steel wool on a tether and light it on fire... then spit it around to throw flaming pieces of metal everywhere... Who doesn't wanna do that? Big thanks to Dave for leading the spin class!

Afterwards, I went out to get shots of a few new pieces of graffiti around town. I've been taking graffiti pictures for years, and recently lots of black & white work, so I was pretty excited to tackle this project. 

Looking forward to the warm summer nights and a lot of photo sessions. 

Let me know what you think! Cheers!




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