Cameras & Coffee 8/20/16 - Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters!



STLDK will host another of our Cameras & Coffee meet-ups designed to bring together creative people of all skill levels and encourage collaboration.

We will be meeting downtown at the beautiful Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters, which shares it's space with the Art St. Louis Gallery.... which might make this the absolute perfect place for a meet up like this! We are very excited to have such inviting hosts for our downtown meet up, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Please note: There will not be a structured photo walk or any specific activities planned, but Mississippi Mud is just a short walk from Washinton Ave, or City Garden, and only a short walk from there to the Arch grounds, so there is plenty of opportunity to explore downtown with some new friends!
And if you can't make it to this Saturday morning meet, don't worry! We will be moving times and locations, as well as teaming up with @weownthenight_stl and @shadesofstl, so that everyone has a chance to experience the city and explore new types of photography. So whether you shoot with a professional camera or an iphone, or if you model or do hair and makeup - or even if you just want to meet some of the artists you've been following on instagram - we would love to see you Saturday the 20th! 
Please follow @STLDK on instagram for updates and information about future events, and stay tuned to @weownthenight_stl and @shadesofstl for great content and future collaborations!