A New Start...

Almost a year ago I started using the STLDK name to brand my photography. By creating a brand without my name in it, I was consciously keeping open the possibility of adding new photographers and artists to create a collective view of St. Louis. Today I'm happy to publicly announce the addition of my partner, Irene Bosnjak.

It is probably not a shock to anyone who knows Irene or I. We've been taking photos together for years, and we're constantly pushing each other to grow and try new things. Irene and I have very complimentary strengths and I believe that together we can create a wonderful client experience, and make STLDK a fantastic outlet to showcase St. Louis art and urban life. 

So stay tuned as we get the website, facebook page, and instagram feed up and running, and watch for a few special projects we have coming soon.





Steven PetersenComment